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TASRAIL - ZB Class - HO Scale

ENGLISH ELECTRIC 2350 hp CO-CO Diesel Electric Locomotive (ZB1 - ZB16)

Manufactured in Queensland, by English Electric, at their Rocklea plant in Brisbane, these locomotives were originally introduced in 1973 to service the Moura and Blackwater coal lines of Queensland, for Queensland Railways.
At the time of delivery, they were generally believed to be at the limits of available horsepower that could be applied to locomotives on a narrow gauge system.
In total, there were 16 of these 2350 horsepower loco’s, running as the 2350, and 2370 classes. They were multi unit capable, and fully compatible with the other slightly smaller English Electric loco’s also operating on the coal system.
Due to considerable differences, they were not electrically compatible with the Clyde loco’s, which were also running on the coal lines of Central Queensland.
However the 2350’s were eventually displaced by the introduction of newer electric locomotives, and relegated to freight work etc., before being eventually sold off to AN, put on a ship and transported to Tasmania, where they were renumber as the ZB class, and have been run there in a number of colour schemes.
A full and detailed history of these loco’s in Tasmania can be found at the www.railtasmania.com website.



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