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Victorian Railways - T Class - HO Scale

T320 Photo by John Humphries
Photo: John Humphries

CLYDE ENGINEERING MODEL G8 875hp BO-BO Diesel Electric Locomotive
(T320 -T346 & T413)

The T Class was introduced in 1954, and were a resounding success, with a total of 27 in the fleet. As later versions of the T Class came along, of differing configurations, the originals, by virtue of their design, became known as flattops. They provided outstanding service, with a number of them preserved and still operational in various areas of Victoria. The Portland Cement operation at Fyansford had one which ran on narrow gauge rails. It was also the only T class fitted with dynamic brakes.This unit was later converted to broad gauge VR operation, and is now preserved and owned by the T413 Preservation Group based at Geelong, and bears the nameplate "Wesley B Mc Cann"

Preserved VR T413

This same basic design locomotive was used on the BHP Whyalla iron ore lines as the DE Class, originally without, and later fitted with dynamic brakes. Various locos have run on both standard and narrow gauge bogies within this operation. Subsequent rebuilding/upgrading was done to extend their service lives, which resulted in locomotives which looked radically different to their original form.

Model VR T333
Available with running numbers from T320 to T346, plus T413


T341 & T413


Ozride 1373
T334 - OZRIDE 1373

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