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Queensland Railways - 1250 Class - HO Scale

QR 1250 Class

ENGLISH ELECTRIC 1388hp CO-CO Diesel Electric Locomotive (1250 - 1264)

First introduced in 1959 in several batches, the first 5 (No's 1250-1254) were not capable of running in a multi-unit configuration. The following 10 units (1255-1264) were equipped for this, and a further 2 (1265-1266) were added to the fleet at a later date which were of slightly different external carbody design. It is believed that these last two were destined for an overseas operator but the sale fell through and the units were acquired by QR. All the units had a single driving station on the right hand side and very little else, which made for an extremely spacious cab. The first locomotive was withdrawn in 1980. Still remaining are 2 units, 1263 (owned by the Australian Railway Historical Society Qld) and 1262 which has been retained by QR Heritage for preservation and on 17/5/01 1262 was moved from storage at Ipswich (steam) Workshops to to Redbank Workshops, where it underwent cosmetic restoration, prior to going on display as an exhibit in The Workshops Rail Museum, located at North Ipswich, Queensland.

+ Locomotives beyond 1264 were of the same class, but differing body detail

QR 1262 at The Workshops Rail Museum - North Ipswich

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