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Sn3 Locomotives & Rolling Stock

What is Sn3.....???...
"Few words about Scale and Gauge"

1:64 (3/16" = 1ft) 16.5mm Gauge

DH Class

QFX Flat Wagon
No Longer Available from BDM, contact Paget Models, Mackay

QLX Louvred Box Car (KIT ONLY)


Sn3½ Scale units are gauged to suit 16.5mm - HO track

Highly Detailed Cast Polyurethane Bodies and Mainframes

Some detail items cast in brass or whitemetal

All wheel drive and all wheel pickup where applicable and/or practical

Minimum Recommended Operating Radius is 600mm

Wheels positioned to suitably represent the prototype

Kadee Couplers fitted

Spare Parts Available

Rolling Stock Kits - complete with R-T-R Sn3½ Bogies and Kadee Couplers

We reserve the right to vary the availability, Price and Specifications at any time

Black Diamond Models
PO Box 118

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