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Queensland Railways
Suburban Passenger Set - HO Scale

Suburban Passenger Set

COMENG SX Stainless Steel Suburban Passenger Set

Built in 1961 for the QR Electrification Scheme, which was cancelled followisng a change of Government. There were 16 sets made up of two cars with Guards Compartment and 5 plain cars and were hauled by all types of QR locomotives, including steam. Several sets were loaned to Western Australia to supplement their passenger fleet during the America's Cup yachting series, where they were modified a little, and ran with the Guards van placed in the centre of the train. On return to Queensland this practice was continued. It was in keeping with the Electric Train practice of locating the guard in the centre of the train
Since the cessation of locomotive hauled revenue services, a large number of them have been disposed of, while some have been retained for specialist operations.

These Cars features a one piece clear Polyurethane body,
and the correct Commonwealth Bogies and Kadee Couplers are supplied

Suburban Passenger Car

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