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Queensland Railways - 1700 Class - HO Scale

QR 1700 Class

CLYDE Diesel Electric Locomotive 1700 Class

Manufactured at Rocklea Queensland by ComEng Qld for Clyde Engineering in 1963, these little workhorses were introduced before the demise of the QR steam locomotives, and were a branchline locomotive due to their light weight of 59 tons. They were capable of running in multiple and regularly used on passenger and livestock trains out to and from the backblocks of the state, as well as seeing service on some Brisbane suburban services. There were 12 of the locos built and put into service. These locos were powered by a supercharged 8 cylinder 567 series GM engine of 874 horsepower, and as such were a little slow "off the mark," resulting in a later order of an upgraded version and class, (1720) with a larger engine and specifically intended for surburban traffic. Originally fitted with screwlink couplers, in later years, auto couplers were fitted, some were fitted with air conditioning and during the course of their lives, also ran with 3 different liveries.

Queensland Railways - 1720 Class - HO Scale

QR 1721

CLYDE Diesel Electric Locomotive 1720 Class

Also manufactured at Rocklea Queensland by ComEng Qld for Clyde Engineering, beginning in 1966, there were 56 of these little rockets produced, which also serviced the entire state, transporting all range of goods and passengers. Primarily built to serve the Brisbane suburban services, due the to withdrawal of steam, at a slightly heavier 61 tons, they were the first locos to use the larger GM 645 series supercharged V8 engine of 999 horsepower, and featured a modified quick start control system which allowed for a faster getaway on the suburban services. As a result of this they were nicknamed by some as "Jets". Auto couplers were fitted from new. Quite a few were exported to other countries while some still exist with preservation and tourist operations within the state. There were a number of variations of colour schemes with at least 5 being sported in Queensland alone, including the spectacular green/white/yellow Bicentenary livery worn by 1723 and a number of other QR locos of the time, for a number of years. (Nicknamed the "Egg and Lettuce" livery.) Loco 1770 was the only "named" loco in this class, named "James Cook", in honour of Captain Cook.

Queensland Railways 1723 - Model by BDM

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