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Queensland Railways - 1450 Class- HO Scale

QR 1450 Class

CLYDE ENGINEERING MODEL GR12 1310hp CO-CO Diesel Electric Locomotive
(1450 - 1459)

Introduced in 1957, they were an advance on the earlier 1400 Class, being of CO-CO design, but still not Multiple Unit capable. There were 10 in the fleet. All units have been painted in both colour schemes.

1455 was in service as a powersource for traction motor testing at Redbank Workshops.

Text from Clyde Group Queensland facebook page indicates that (1407 and) 1455 were purchased from QR and “1407 and 1455 will become donor loco’s for the ongoing maintenance of the 2 class leaders with 1400 and 1450 being restored to operational condition."

Model Specifications

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