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Sn3½ Scale

Sn3½ Scale - Queensland Railways - 1460 Class

QR 1460 Class

CLYDE ENGINEERING 1310hp CO-CO Diesel Electric Locomotive
(1460 - 1501)

Introduced in 1964, being locally manufactured at Comeng (Qld), these units were a further advance on the 1450 Class, with a more modern body style, two driving stations and capable of Multiple Unit operation. The introduction of the 43 locos in this Class heralded the phasing out of Steam Locomotive fleet on Queensland Railways. 1461 has been retained for preservation by QR Heritage
There are two versions of this locomotive. There is the original body design pertaining to 38 of the 46 units, and the dynamic brake version, which was first introduced on 1470 and 1471, and was also fitted to the last 6 members of the class, 1496 to 1501.
When manufactured these units were originally painted in the "early" colour scheme with "wings" on the light grey section of the rear body. However a change in painting design was to alter this to an angled slash from blue to light grey, defined by a 2" wide buff band. The large new "corporate" QR symbol was also then incorporated in this change.
Locomotive 1461 was originally delivered in the original blue scheme, but this was soon changed to the gold colour scheme, to enable the loco to take part in the Queensland Railways Centenary Celebrations in 1965. The locomotive was named "Centennial", and has remained in the gold scheme to this day. (The other companion Centenary Celebrations locomotive was English Electric loco 1281, which was due to be delivered just prior this event, and was subsequently named "Century" and was delivered direct from the manufacturer in its gold livery, from new.) "Centennial" has been retained and is in storage, whilst "Century" is now part of the display within The Workshops Rail Museum at Ipswich Qld.
It is believed that the original locomotive destined for this decoration was to have been classleader 1460, however she suffered considerable front panel damage when only 6 weeks old, after running into the rear of a stationary, disabled train, on a bridge just outside Laidley. Due to motive power shortages at the time, this damage was not fully repaired for some 12 months.
It is interesting to note that 1461 is the only 1460 class loco to have the wings attached to the front shield herald.
Another interesting historical point of interest also occurred at the Centennial Celebrations when the QR's premier long distance passenger train, "The Sunlander" arrived at Laidley, hauled by the first two dynamic brake fitted Clyde's, 1470 and 1471, in the first multiple running of this pair.

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Sn3½ Scale - Queensland Railways - Diesel Hydraulic

Model DH38 Photo by Russell Bianchi
Photo: Russell Bianchi

Walkers of Maryborough (QLD) 465hp Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive

Seventythree of these Caterpillar Powered units were built and used extensively throughout the state with great success. The first to be withdrawn was DH21. A number of these units have since been regauged and sold to Vietnam Railways, and quite a few have found their way to various Preservation Groups in Australia. They also found favour with the Queensland Sugar Industry, having been regauged to 610mm, for use on the extensive cane train networks operated by the sugar mills throughout the state

QR Diesel Hydraulic

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Sn3½ Scale

Queensland Railways - QFX Flat Wagon

QFX Flat Wagon


No longer available from BDM. Check with Paget Models, MACKAY Qld.

Built in about 1967 these hardwood topped wagons were designed for bogie exchange for interstate operation. But this operation did not eventuate and the basic design has subsequently been modified to suit a variety of needs, and appear as QFC, QFCS, QFCR, QFP, QFXP being used to carry rail, sand bins, containers and Army Tanks

Sn3½ Scale

Queensland Railways - QLX Louvred Box Car

QLX Louvred Van

COMMONWEALTH ENGINEERING (Qld) Peaked Roof Steel Louvre Van

Built from the early sixties, there were more than 950 in the fleet, they were used on express freight and passenger trains and were originally produced with screw hook couplers. These vans saw service all over the system, some have had the underframes converted to other uses as a result of collision damage. As with the QFX wagons, the QLX was also produced with the intention of being suitable for bogie exchange

Kit Supplied with Sn3½ bogies and Kadee couplers
- Multi-piece Polyurethane Body - Cast Brake Rigging -

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