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Sn3 Locomotives & Rolling Stock

What is Sn3.....???...
"Few words about Scale and Gauge"

1:64 (3/16" = 1ft) 16.5mm Gauge

DH Class

QFX Flat Wagon
No Longer Available from BDM, contact Paget Models, Mackay

QLX Louvred Box Car (KIT ONLY)


Sn3½ Scale units are gauged to suit 16.5mm - HO track

Highly Detailed Cast Polyurethane Bodies and Mainframes

Some detail items cast in brass or whitemetal

All wheel drive and all wheel pickup where applicable and/or practical, using the all Brass, Australian made K&M Mechanism

Minimum Recommended Operating Radius is 600mm

Wheels positioned to suitably represent the prototype

Machima Motor

Kadee Couplers fitted

Spare Parts Available

Rolling Stock Kits - complete with R-T-R Sn3½ Bogies and Kadee Couplers

Also Available Separately

QR 4ft9in Freight Bogie
QR 4ft 9in Freight Bogie
Ready to Run
QR 5ft Bar Frame Bogie
QR 5ft Bar Frame Bogie
Ready to Run
QR 5ft6in Freight Bogie
QR 5ft 6in Freight Bogie
Ready to Run

We reserve the right to vary the availability, Price and Specifications at any time

Black Diamond Models
PO Box 118

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