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Black Diamond Models Pricelist

Price List - July 1 2013

For specifications of these items, please refer to the web site

HO Scale Locomotives

All HO Scale locomotives are $AU$465.00 delivered, ready to run.

HO Scale Passenger Rolling Stock

SX Stainless Steel Suburban Passenger Cars - Unpainted kit only
7 Car Set - $435.00
5 Car Set - $310.00
These cars are supplied as a partly finished kit, with masking/painting & decaling to be done.
They are supplied assembled, with a one piece clear polyurethane body, with all windows glazed and "see through".
The one piece bodies are screw fitted, (not glued,) to a one piece cast polyurethane underframe.
All holes are drilled and tapped. Screws, decals, and the correct RTR bogies, are supplied.
Couplers are supplied, Kadees at each end, with cast dummy knuckles on the intermediate cars.

SMU 220 Series Suburban Electric Passenger Set

3 Car Set only, delivered, RTR $850.00
These are a 3 car set, cast in clear polyurethane, with all window glazing is fully flush cast as "see through".
They are fully finished, ready to run, and have a range of several unit numbers to choose from.

Bogies, HO Scale

Available in either 12mm or 16,5mm gauges.
5'6" Flat top Freight
Air Conditioned Passenger Car Commonwealth Bogies.
All bogies $18.50 / pair.

Images and specs. are available on the web site
Please note that we do not do locomotive kits, or bodies, we only do "ready to run".

Postage in Australia, $11.00 (Locos etc) Overseas at cost.
We reserve the right to vary prices and availability at any time.

Due to high demand, and other circumstances , very little is available "off the shelf".

Black Diamond Models
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Phone: Mobile 0409 643 770

Black Diamond Models Pricelist