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Queensland Railways - 1400 Class - HO Scale

QR 1400 Class

CLYDE ENGINEERING MODEL G12 1310hp A-1-A Diesel Electric Locomotive
(1400 - 1412)

Introduced to QGR on a try and buy if satisfied basis in 1955, these great little A-1-A, 72 ton locomotives were powered by a V12 General Motors 567 Series engine, were used quite extensively on the system. The first three (1400-1402) had some design differences which distinguish them (to the knowing observer) from the remainder of the fleet, of which there were 13 in all (1400-1412) The first unit withdrawn from service was 1406 in December 1986 and only two remain, Classleader 1400 (owned by the Australian Railway Historical Society Qld) and 1407, (owned by QR Heritage) which is currently stored at QR's Ipswich Workshops awaiting a decision on its possible restoration and inclusion as a display exhibit in the forthcoming Ipswich Workshops Museum

++ Design differences distinguish the first three units


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