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"Queensland Railways HO Scale Modelling At Its Finest"

Thanks for looking at our website, please take the time to read, absorb and enjoy the site, and also read a little of the history of QR HO scale modelling.

We are an Australian manufacturer of quality, totally ready-to-run model locomotives and rolling stock, of Australian and International outline for the discerning modeller.

Whilst we make locos for selected other Australian, and International Railways, we specialise in (QR, or in the old days, QGR) Queensland Railways models, and also encompassing both diesel hauled passenger rolling stock, namely the ill fated Stainless Steel SX series, and the 220 series SMU Brisbane Suburban electric rolling stock, which will be supplemented in the very near future, with the latest EDI 160 and 260 series SMU's.

We produce all our own handmade patterns from mainly "hands on" sourced data when possible, hundreds of photographs and personal visual observations, and then make our own patternwork and moulds to suit, thus allowing us to produce a model which accurately reflects the prototype.

We do not simply copy details from basic outline drawings, as they have been found to contain errors, and be sometimes only indicative of the item in question.

We believe, that due to the fact that we are reproducing past and present history, in model form, we have a duty of care to ensure that it must be presented as accurately as is practical and possible.

Unfortunately this philosophy is not embraced by some manufacturers, and sadly, this can lead to inaccurate models which are being acquired by an unsuspecting and unknowing public, believing them to be true and correct.

For all the budding model builders of the future, our suggestion to help you is check you data for accuracy first.

Our data sourcing began in earnest, back in the mid 60's, at a time when "hands on" full size manufacturing was the personal order of the day.

We directly source very little from overseas, preferring to support local materials suppliers if possible, and we do all our own plastic and pewter castings right here in Queensland.

Sometimes, by request we have been asked for "xyz" locomotive, which we do not make, and on occasions, we have been able to source body kits for same from another manufacturer, which we have then completed to RTR.

We have no great factory in China, churning out hundreds of locomotives a day, or some magical 3D machine, which, appears as yet, not up to the finish standard we desire, so we make each pattern item individually, with the same care and attention that we would afford our own personal models.

That way, everybody gets the same, and we have full control over the quality and finish of the Ready to Run products we offer. We actively run these products, in conjunction with PGC Scale Models, on our show quality layouts of, originally, "Fairfield" & "Coorparoo" on YouTube, both of which have videos done by various shutterbugs.

Please note that we do NOT do kits, or parts, so don't ask, as refusal may offend.

We have been actively scratchbuilt modelling QR, in a larger scale since 1962, having been inspired in a big way, after seeing the magnificent Sn 3 models produced by the late Dr. Steven Suggitt, at an industrial show in Brisbane, called the Queensland Industries Fair. This resulted in a prolific number of models scratch built in Sn 3 1/2.

In the course of time, we found that there were a lot of modellers desirous of procuring some of our models for themselves, so we began in a limited way in 1991, producing ready to run QR locomotives in HO scale.

Whilst there were early attempts, (some quite successful for their time), to produce running models of QR prototype, in a number of scales and gauges, our beginnings in HO scale throw back to the days of when Mr. Ron Fox began producing a huge number of HO scale, QR wagon models, but alas, there were no locomotives available, and a subsequent conversation with Mr. Keith Trueman, the builder of the well known VR layout, "Broadford", encouraged us to produce our first model, the QR 1450 Class Clyde, which was an overwhelming success.

In these early days, we also had to fabricate our own mechanisms from various sources of parts that were available as well.

Most of these early models were distributed to the public by "The Turntable", a model railway shop in Brisbane, which was then very actively promoting QR modelling.

Whilst "The Turntable" is long gone, we are still beavering away, catering for the faithful, along with the complimentary technical assistance provided to a long time family friend and business associate who provides the HO QR modeller with a very good range of high quality QR steam locos, goods and old time passenger rolling stock, under the brand of PGC Scale Models, and we wholly endorse their products. There is also a link to their web site on our Links Page.

Since then, our range has extended somewhat, as evidenced by our website, to the extent of supplying locomotives and passenger cars worldwide, commission work, and also the supply of diesel and electric locos, electric passenger SMU's, and the Diesel Tilt Train, for the Workshops Rail Museum.

Recent items of interest produced, have been the huge Loram C21 80 stone railgrinder, the prototype for which, can be seen working on some of the heavily trafficked lines around Central Queensland, and the baby Loram C22 railgrinder which can be seen operating on the narrow gauge lines in Western Australia.

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